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SoundCloud Likes | Supreme Media Platform


$3 Delivered within 72 hours!
  • High Quality Service
  • Worldwide Users
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery


$5 Delivered within 4 days!
  • High Quality Service
  • Worldwide Users
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery


$12 Delivered within 5 days!
  • High Quality Service
  • Worldwide Users
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery


$20 Delivered within 7 days!
  • High Quality Service
  • Worldwide Users
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery


$90 Delivered within 4 weeks!
  • High Quality Service
  • Worldwide Users
  • Stable Likes
  • Fast Delivery

Buy SoundCloud Likes

Show the world listeners love your music with Red Social SoundCloud Likes.

Add likes to your videos for the following results:

  • Peaked interest levels. SoundCloud listeners pay attention to songs that have high numbers of likes. Your video will get clicked on and listened to more frequently.
  • Extended listens. Even if the listener doesn’t love your song right away, he is more likely to continue listening because of the increased like count.
  • Greater chance of organic likes. Listeners are more likely to click “Like” if hundreds or thousands of other listeners already have.
  • Free SoundCloud promotion. The SoundCloud suggestion algorithm is partially based on the ratio of plays to likes. If you add likes to your track, your Play/Like ratio will be better, and SoundCloud will recommend your songs to others at a higher rate.

Scroll up and select your package to get started today. Trust Red Social, the web’s leading social signal marketing agency, to give your SoundCloud the boost it deserves. All orders are risk-free and backed by a 100% money-back guarantee

Red Social is #1 for SoundCloud

  • Reliable. Our likes are from real accounts, and they are guaranteed to never drop.
  • Fast. Get your likes delivered in days, not weeks.
  • Affordable. Red Social can offer the highest-quality likes at the lowest prices.
  • Easy. Select your number of likes, enter your URLs, and you’re done.

Supreme Media Platform

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Pick the service you would like, provide the link to the social media website, page, or post you would like services for, and hit submit. It's that easy.

Spend Less! Order What You Need

You can order precisely the amount of followers, likes or shares you likes, instead of choosing our preset packages. You will only pay for what you order and save money for future campaigns.

Quick Delivery Needed? No Problem!

In lieu of choosing our preset packages, you can order the exact number of followers, likes, or shares you desire. This will give you more control over the campaign, and will save you money in the long run.

Looking For Smaller Packages? Check our Panel!

We offer the choice of placing smaller orders through our panel if our larger packages do not suit your project. Place your order now and let us do our magic.

Excellent for Power-Users

With our panel, you can submit a large number of orders with ease. We have simplified the dashboard to only take three steps: Select → Input → Submit.

Access to Quick & Helpful Support

Contacting our live support team or submitting a ticket is an easy and fast way to receive reliable support. Your questions will be answered swiftly at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

We begin setting up your order, right after it has been placed. The setup period takes no longer than 48 hours, after which the delivery of the service will begin. If you would like us to follow a specific delivery schedule, simply get in touch with us after ordering.

We have listed the delivery time for each package right under the price.

The likes we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Please contact us with details of the order you would like to place, and we will be able to provide you with a great deal.

What are our customers saying about us?
I have been working with SupremeMediaPlatform for well over 4 years now. They have played an essential role in the success of my strategies.
Richard D.
Internet Marketing Strategist
Dealing with all the various social networking site had become daily drudgery for me. Fortunately I came across these guys on a marketing forum, and no longer have to deal with all that. They get me the results I need!
Scott L.
SEO Specialist
I was frustrated with the level of engagement, or lack thereof, my posts were receiving. I couldn’t find a solution for this, which is why I sough after a company like SupremeMediaPlatform. With the initial engagement they provide, my content now received significantly more “eyeballs” than before. They are an essential tool for my business!
Vanessa C.
Fashion Blogger
I worked with SupremeMediaPlatform a few months after starting my “YouTube Gaming Carrier”. My audience base was nonexistent up to that point and I was pretty much ready to give up. Luckily RedSocial helped promote my content as well as giving me some great tips to improve what I was doing! 10/10!
Destin B.
Professional Gamer
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