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Buy Facebook Post Shares

There are two ways you can get interaction on a Facebook post – likes and shares. The number of each that you have on any individual post will determine how many of your fans see that particular update, and having a lot of shares and likes on all of your updates will ensure a healthy organic reach on your posts in the future.

Shares + Likes For Reach

When you post something new on Facebook, it’s not shown to all of the people who like your page. If every post from every page a person liked popped up on his newsfeed, then he’d be bombarded with hundreds upon hundreds of messages each day.

Instead, Facebook shows the post to a select few people, and then determines how popular your post is. When your post is popular, it gets shown to more people. Unpopular posts stop cold.

Remember, likes and shares are the only two real metrics to determine this popularity. If you buy Facebook post shares and Facebook post likes, then your posts will reach more of the people who like your page – it’s just that simple.

Reboot your reach
Facebook tries to display content from the best pages, so if your page has consistently received very few likes and very few shares on each post, then you’re not seen as a “good” page. Unfortunately, for pages like this, your natural reach will be incredibly low – some have reported natural reaches of under 1% if they lack shares and likes.

You have to do something to fix this problem if you want your future posts to reach a lot of your fans. You fix it with shares and likes. We slowly drip feed all of your Facebook post shares to your content, so it looks like your page is naturally getting more popular. Facebook will notice this, and then adjust its algorithm for your page so that your new posts get the attention that they deserve.

Post shares hit the timeline
When someone likes a Facebook post, it’s shown on the live feed in the sidebar. (This is also called the “Live Ticker”.)

That’s not bad, but post shares are even more powerful – they show up on the timeline of the person who shared it. This doesn’t guarantee that all of his friends will see that timeline post, but it does encourage extra traffic from those who do.

Post shares make you look popular

There’s a certain threshold that needs to be breached for someone to share a Facebook post. They obviously need to enjoy the content, but it has to be good enough where not only do they just enjoy it, but they enjoy it to the point where they want to share it with their friends.

If you buy Facebook post shares and get shares on all of your posts, then it looks like you’re putting out content that’s not just good, but rather good enough to the point where people are itching to tell their friends about it. It’s not a bad image to have.

Scroll up to select your Facebook posts package. We highly recommend buying some Facebook post likes from us at the same time.

The result of this will be your page looking popular and getting a lot of natural reach on its new posts. Facebook can be a powerful promotional tool, but if your posts aren’t being seen by anyone, then it’s useless.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin setting up your order, right after it has been placed. The setup period takes no longer than 48 hours, after which the delivery of the service will begin. If you would like us to follow a specific delivery schedule, simply get in touch with us after ordering.

We have listed the delivery time for each package right under the price.

The shares we provide come from genuinely real users, so they will remain stable over time.

Please contact us with details of the order you would like to place, and we will be able to provide you with a great deal.

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